Our mission

We were given the task of improving and unifying graphic output for portable handheld devices designed to measure surface activity of radio nuclides. The gauges have a monochrome display, whose original graphic output was disunited and used unclear symbolism in some situations. Therefore, collaboration with developers and real testing of designs on display device was crucial for creation of the design.

Display example
Picture of used font

Fonts and icons pixel by pixel

Battery animation example

The basic set of design includes a definition of 4 basic fonts – from the smallest of 5x5 pixels to the largest of 17x29 pixels. There are also different states of information icons, images and elements, and more than 50 units are defined to be displayed during the measurement.

128x64 pixels for UI design

Graphic output of the gauge uses the backlit monochrome LCD unit EA DOGL 128. We have prepared screen sets and graphical outputs on it via control SW and HW module of the display.

Device example