Our mission

Our main task was to create multimedia presentations of all exhibitors in the Czech pavilion. They were available to the visitors through tablets placed around the exhibits. We also created a video located above the main entry to the pavilion which presents the Czech Republic, exhibits, and typical Czech restaurant in the pavilion.

Key information

ARTEO was our client on this project - a company which prepared the entire interior of the Czech pavilion for EXPO 2017 and was a part of the realization teams of EXPO exhibitions in previous years.

The interior of the pavilion was designed by Olgoj Chorchoj, one of the most famous graphic studios in Czech Republic.

One hundred fifteen countries and twenty-two international companies introduced their own ideas and products in EXPO 2017.

The Czech pavilion was inaugurated by the president of the Czech Republic, Mr. Milos Zeman.

Eleven Czech companies in Czech pavilion presented their ideas and products such as flying bike, electric bus, or airplane.

EXPO 2017 - Astana Kazakhstan EXPO 2017 - Czech Republic

Our products

Entry video

We designed and created a video introducing the Czech Republic as a country with amazing architecture and nature, a preview of the exhibits and an invitation to the restaurant in the Czech pavilion. This video was located above the main entry to the pavilion on the screen with size of 2,5 x 6,5 meters.

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Entry video
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